Truck and Trailer Recovery

The latest addition to our fleet is our winch equipped “Ultra Low” recovery trailer.

Running with only 650mm deck height, this unit is perfect for recovering your disabled truck.

No need to remove exhaust stacks, no need to back off brakes, we will bring your air up and winch your truck onto our trailer in no time.

But wait ! There’s more !

Not only can we recover your truck, we can also bring out a back up Prime Mover to bring your trailer home with you !

Yes, you heard correctly, we will bring out a Prime Mover, hook it up to your trailer and you can drive it back from there. Once we have dropped off your truck, we will take our Prime Mover back on our trailer…. Job done!

If need be, you can even hire our Prime Mover to continue on your journey, while we return your truck home.

We are all about making it easy when the something unexpected goes wrong.

Don’t risk your truck to some back yard operator with a winch and a big hook, have the professionals recover your vehicle at competitive rates, with outstanding service and the backup of years of recovery experience.

Call our dedicated “Vehicle Recovery” number 041………. and we will be on our way to recover your vehicle in the blink of an eye !

Gecko Logistics Recovery….. When only the best will do.