Gecko Logistics Group Offers Tilt Tray Transport in Perth

Are you preparing to transport heavy-duty equipment or a freight container to or from Perth? If so, Gecko Logistics Group is standing by to assist. We maintain a fleet of heavy-duty transport vehicles in Perth, including a variety of tilt tray trucks – some of which have been built to non-standard specifications in order to accommodate abnormal payloads.

As the name suggests, the rear of the tilt tray truck is designed to be tilted all the way down to ground level, so that the cargo can be either driven or drawn onto the bed of the truck. This is accomplished using a winch. The high load capacity of tilt trays in Perth, combined with the relative ease with which they can be loaded and unloaded, makes this type of truck an outstanding candidate for transporting heavy, unwieldy equipment across Perth and greater Western Australia.

How Big Is a Standard Tilt Tray Truck in Perth?

As mentioned above, there are various sizes of tilt tray trucks in the Gecko Logistics Group fleet. Most of them feature a deck height of 1.3 metres, with an overall truck height of 3.8 metres. Most of our trucks require a minimum width of 3 metres to fit into a space – including the cabin and side mirrors. They carry loads of up to 11 tonnes, with a maximum load length of 9 metres.

However, operating the actual tilt tray requires greater clearance length. In situations where the truck is going to be loaded or unloaded, we’ll need to arrange 11 metres of clearance in front of the vehicle, which allows us to drive away or reverse in to manage the cargo. Tilting the tray also requires a maximum height clearance of 5 metres.

If the cargo you are planning to load features non-standard dimensions, we may still be able to accommodate you. Our fleet includes vehicles with tight turning radiuses, low tilt incline and extra-low deck height. If you’re unsure whether a tilt tray service in Perth is right for you, feel free to get in touch with our team. We’ll help determine which vehicle is best for the job you have in mind.

Mercedes Tilt Tray

Mercedes Tilt Tray


Safe & Reliable Tilt Tray Transport in Perth

Tilt tray slides make loading and unloading much easier than it would have been otherwise. This is how the loading process works:

  • The tray is tilted down to the back end of the container, usually at an angle of no more than 12 degrees.
  • Once the container has been placed so that it touches the back end of the tray, the winching process begins.
  • The truck is continually winched back until the cargo is fully loaded on the tray, at which point it is tilted back to a level angle.

Unloading the cargo essentially follows the same steps in reverse. The tray is tilted to its optimum angle, and then the truck is slowly driven away. This allows gravity and friction to gradually pull the cargo off of the tray until it has been safely ejected from the platform.

Gecko Logistics Group’s drivers and operators have been expertly trained and are thoroughly qualified to operate a tilt tray in WA. Your cargo will be treated with the utmost care throughout the loading, transport and unloading process.

Why We Offer the Best Tilt Tray Services in Perth

There are many reasons to consider chartering our tilt tray service for your next major transport job in Perth. To begin with, we emphasise customer service – and that’s a surprisingly rare quality to find in the cargo transport sector. Our operators are courteous and professional, and they prioritise communication throughout the transport process.

This actually begins well before the tilt tray in Perth arrives at your location. Your driver will call you to let you know that they are leaving the dispatch station and heading to your location. If there are any delays or traffic jams along the way, you will be notified immediately. Furthermore, all of our vehicles are fitted with GPS tracking equipment, so we’re able to deliver real-time updates throughout the transport process. We’ll always be able to determine precisely where your cargo is whilst it’s in transit.

We offer highly professional and cost-effective solutions for the loading and transport of oversized goods and equipment across the Perth metro area. Call us toll-free on 1300 744 192 to request a quote and to take advantage of our tilt tray services in Perth.