Arrange Side Loader Transport in Perth with Gecko Logistics

Side loader delivery is a highly effective means of transporting heavy equipment around Western Australia. At Gecko Logistics Group, we maintain an extensive fleet of heavy-duty transport vehicles, including side loaders. This is an ideal mode of transporting containers when you’re dealing with limited space either to the front or the rear of where the container is to be placed.

With side loader transport in Perth, we will deliver your cargo or container directly to your site. There is no need for a dock, and the loading and unloading of your cargo can be accomplished without a crane. Our side loaders can accommodate 20-foot and 40-foot containers and containerised generators. Contact the team at Gecko Logistics Group today to find out more or to request a free quote.

These Are the Advantages of Side Loader Transport in Perth

There are many reasons to consider using a side loader for transporting heavy cargo in Western Australia. To begin with, this is one of the most convenient options when dealing with 20-foot and 40-foot containers. The cargo is delivered directly to your site and placed directly at the location of your choosing. This simplifies the unloading process.

There may be times when a container needs to be delivered before you have had a chance to organise the labour needed to unload it. Perhaps it arrived ahead of schedule, or maybe your on-the-ground plans have been delayed. In either case, we can arrange for your container to be on the ground and properly oriented so that unloading can begin as soon as you are ready. This helps to minimise labour costs on your end, as there is no need to hire a team to help with the initial placement of the container.

Keep These Factors in Mind When Arranging Side Perth Loader Transport

There are a few logistical considerations to consider if you plan to hire a side loader in Perth. Most of these have to do with the orientation and placement of your cargo – as it’s difficult and expensive to reorient the container once it has been placed on the ground. Furthermore, you may need to make some preparations to the site to ensure that it’s able to accommodate side-loader delivery.

Here are a few important factors to keep in mind:

  • To begin with, it’s important to understand that the container will be offloaded on the right-hand side of the truck (i.e. the driver’s side). This means that you will need to have at least three or four metres of space in front of the truck in order for it to successfully offload the cargo before it pulls out.
  • Secondly, it is absolutely essential that you know on which side you would like to position the container doors. This needs to be taken into account when the container is initially loaded onto the side loader, and it will also affect how you prepare the destination site for unloading purposes.
  • Most containers are just under 2.5 metres wide (2.44 metres, to be precise). However, there needs to be an opening on the ground of about 3 metres in order to accommodate the truck’s unloading apparatus.
  • Overhead clearance is an issue as well. A minimum of 4.2 metres is necessary for the truck to pass with a container on board. Be sure to take note of power lines, awnings, tree branches and other potential hazards that could stop the truck from passing on the way to your site.
  • The actual unloading process requires even more vertical clearance. The side-loading apparatus will require 6.5 metres in order to safely offload the container, so make sure that the unloading site offers at least this much clearance.
  • Finally, take a moment to consider the ground conditions where the container will be placed. The ground needs to be sealed and compacted – and more or less level. If the ground isn’t level, there may still be a way to unload the container, but you’ll want to make sure this is properly addressed before transport and delivery are finalised. If the ground is not compacted, the truck could become stuck. Needless to say, this is not an issue anyone wants to deal with.

Do You Require Side Loader Transport in Perth?

The logistics of side loader transport are complex, but this is something that Gecko Logistics Group deals with on a daily basis. If you’re not sure which mode of transport is best-suited to your situation, give us a call on 1300 744 192 to find out more. We can offer advice and a free, no-obligation quote based on the specifics of your situation.