Gecko Logistics Group Provides Low Loader Transport in Perth

Gecko Logistics Group offers low loader transport for cargo deliveries in Perth and across Western Australia. These vehicles are designed with maximum load capacities in mind – accommodating loads of up to 100 tonnes. This makes them perfect for transporting earthmovers and other types of heavy machinery.

Low loader transport in Perth is ideal for a range of road haulage applications. One of the key advantages of this mode of transport is the fact that – as the name suggests – the hauling platform is lower to the ground. This provides additional vertical clearance and makes it easier to transport tall, heavy-duty vehicles and machinery.

If you’ve ever seen a semi-truck hauling other semis on a platform, that was likely a low loader in action. The relatively low position of that platform means that very little additional clearance is needed beyond what the truck doing the hauling would normally require.

How Do Perth Low Loaders Operate?

A low loader is essentially a semi-truck trailer that features two drops in trailer height. One drop occurs immediately after the gooseneck of the trailer, and the other takes place immediately ahead of the rear axles.

These two drops are what set a low loader apart from a standard semi-truck trailer. They position the trailer extremely low to the ground, and this makes certain types of transport much more convenient.

The low position of the trailer is what makes low loader transport in Perth so convenient. Abnormally shaped loads are easily accommodated, which makes this an ideal means of transporting plant machinery and other heavy-duty equipment around Western Australia.

Needless to say, the trailers that we use for low loader transport are built to take a beating. We can handle payloads of up to 100 tonnes, which is more than some logistics companies are able to accommodate. We also fit our trailers with the latest equipment – outriggers, heavy-duty winches and hydraulic flip ramps, to name a few.

What Type of Machinery and Equipment Can We Transport with a Low Loader?

Our low loaders provide flexible transport solutions and can accommodate a wide range of cargo. Generally speaking, we can move loads that are up to 4.5 metres high and 5 metres wide. As far as length is concerned, our low loader trailers can be extended, and just about any sized piece of machinery can be accommodated lengthwise.

In most cases, it will also be necessary to request permission from the Department of Transport. Gecko Logistics Group will take care of these details on our own. All you have to do is contact us to let us know the details of your job, and we’ll take over from there.

Low loaders make it much easier to assemble all of the machinery you need on site with relatively little hassle. These agile transport systems that can move a wide range of equipment. Here are a few examples of the types of equipment we can haul with a low loader:

  • Oversized plant machinery
  • Heavy-duty construction materials (such as concrete slabs)
  • Large vehicles, including Earthmovers and semi-trucks
  • Agricultural equipment
  • Railway parts
  • Industrial equipment
  • Large gas turbines
  • Power infrastructure

Those are just a few examples to give you an idea of what a low loader can handle. If you’re unsure whether this is the best transport solution for you, get in touch with our team for more information.

Gecko Logistics Group Will Treat Your Equipment with the Utmost Care

Over the years, Gecko Logistics Group has transported some extremely expensive equipment. It’s our mission to ensure that we fully understand your needs and requirements before we go on to recommend a specific mode of transport. With that in mind, we’ll only recommend using low loader transport in Perth when this is precisely the type of vehicle you need for the job.

All of our vehicles are regularly serviced and maintained to ensure they are operating at peak efficiency when you need them. Our low loaders feature state of the art suspension systems and air brakes – so you can proceed with the confidence that your cargo is going to receive the care it requires. We’ll deliver it on time and in precisely the same condition in which we picked it up. That’s our guarantee.

Finally, we’re also well-acquainted with all relevant road regulations and laws governing the transport of heavy equipment. We’ll work on your behalf to organise safe and efficient transport in full compliance with the law. Call us toll-free on 1300 744 192 to find out more or to arrange a no-obligation quote.