Tilt Trays

The rear of the truck is capable of being tilted to ground level and the cargo is driven or drawn on to the bed of the truck using a winch. Our Tilt Tray vehicles have a maximum carrying capacity up to 11 Tonne gross weight and are capable of carrying loads up to 9.0m long.

Tilt Tray vehicles generally require a minimum of 3m width to fit into a spot (including the side mirrors and cabin). They usually have a deck height of 1.3m with an overall height of 3.8m when loaded with a standard container. However, when they tilt the tray to load/unload, they require a space of approximately 5m of height clearance and 11m of clearance in front for the vehicle to drive away or reverse in. We have a number of vehicles specifically designed with extra low deck height, tight turning circle and low tilt incline. If you have any questions in this regard, please don’t hesitate to call 9440 0122.

Tilt Tray vehicles are specifically designed for the transportation of freight such as portable buildings, all types of machinery machinery and shipping containers.

Capacity: 0 – 11 Tonne