Tilt Semi’s (Semi Trailer with Tilt Functionality)

A semi-trailer is a large vehicle that consists of a Prime Mover attached to one or more trailers to carry freight. A semi-trailer does not trail completely behind the towing vehicle, but is attached by a pin and turntable, mounted just forward of the rear-most axle of the Prime Mover. This is done so the correct proportion of the load weight is carried by the trailer and prime mover. Correct weight distribution is important for the safe transportation of cargo and the safety of all road users.

These trailers load from the end of a container / building and require 5m width and 20 meters in length beyond the container / building to effectively load / unload. You will also need approximately 5 meters of height to unload the container. A 14m, low deck tilt semi with hydraulic unloading function is available upon request.

Tilt Semi trailers are designed and utilised for the transportation of freight such as sea containers, large machinery, portable buildings and skid mounted equipment.

Capacity: 0 -20 Tonne.