HIAB Vehicles

HIAB is actually an acronym for Hydrauliska Industri AB (HIAB), a Finnish manufacturer of truck mounted cranes.

These are adaptable vehicles, capable of pin point accuracy to deliver your cargo in difficult access areas. With a maximum lifting capacity of 6 Tonne (3 tonne @ 6.5m), consideration must be given to the safe removal of a loaded shipping container once delivered to site. For instance, an empty 20’ shipping container will weigh approximately 2.3 Tonne, but when loaded will be much heavier and unable to be lifted by a normal HIAB vehicle.

HIABs are designed and utilised for the transportation of general freight, generators, sea containers and industrial equipment.

Capacity: Maximum 6 Tonne lifting capacity, 3 Tonne @ 6.5m reach and a carrying capacity of up to 9 tonne.