Drop Deck Trailers

A drop-deck trailer is a trailer on which the floor drops down a level once clear of the Prime Mover.  This vehicle is designed with the bottom loading deck lower to the road at 1.0 meter, which enables a greater load height or volume. There is also 3m of deck space on the top deck.

This means we can handle large forklifts with mast heights reaching 3.6 meters without the need for individual Western Power Permits, effectively saving your time and money.

Equipped with hydraulic ramps for the loading of machinery, these versatile trailers are ideally suited to larger boom lifts and access equipment and have various carrying capacities.

Drop Deck Trailers are designed and utilised for the transportation of general freight, over height loads and odd, bulky items such as machinery or steel.

Capacity: 0 – 30 Tonne