Container Transport

At Gecko Logistics, we have DPWorld Terminal Access, along with all other necessary permits and clearance, enabling us to collect incoming sea containers from the wharf at Fremantle, and other ports in WA, as well as drop them off of course. We can handle all sizes, from 10′ – 40′, and are more than happy to transport refrigerated containers as well as those that have been modified to accommodate special cargoes. Shipping containers are not just used on ships of course and consequently, we are pleased to be able to offer competitively priced container transportation in Perth and the surrounding area from one land destination to another as well. Access is not a problem either: with our fleet of modern tilt tray trucks, HIAB crane trucks, slide loaders and tilt semi trucks, we can collect from and deliver to virtually any location, including residential properties, warehouses, container on-sellers yards, ports, and rail depots.

Pick-ups from Secure Port Areas

In order to collect consignments from secure areas of Fremantle Port, the Perth container transport operator that you hire must use a vehicle displaying a Maritime Security Identification Card (MSIC). This is a nationally recognised card that tells port officials a background check has been carried out on the holder and that they have been cleared to work in maritime security zones. As MSIC holders, Gecko Logistics can reach these secure areas and collect your inbound consignments without any unnecessary delays. We have a great deal of experience of dealing with containers arriving from overseas and can help to ensure that everything goes smoothly when collecting your goods.

Container Transport

Container Transport

Important Considerations

When calling to enquire about shipping container transport in Perth, there are a few factors you should bear in mind if you want to make sure that everything goes smoothly:

  • Location of Container Doors – It is important to think about where you would like your container to be dropped off and in particular, which way you want the doors to be facing. Our tilt tray trucks are designed to slide containers into position from the rear of the truck so if the container is to be placed against a wall, you will want to ensure it is loaded with the doors at the front of the truck. Side loaders lift off containers to the driver’s side and again, you will need to consider the location of the container doors when it is being loaded onto this type of truck.
  • Access – If you book a tilt tray truck to transport a shipping container, you will need to make sure that the entrance to the destination is at least 3 metres wide and that the ceiling, if the container is being unloaded inside a building, provides at least 5 metres of height clearance for the truck’s tilt / unloading mechanism to operate. Given that the truck will be around 3.7 metres off the ground when loaded with a container, the ceiling should be 9 metres high or more. There will need to be 11 metres space in front of the truck for it to drive away after unloading, or behind it for it to reverse in when arriving.

Side loaders require the same width as far as the entrance is concerned and around 15 metres space in front, in order to enter a confined space. To unload, they require a total footprint 16 metres long and 5 ½ metres wide. Additionally, there will need to be 5 metres height clearance so that the trailer can be lifted off.

  • Weight – Certain types of truck are rated to carry more weight than others, making them suitable for heavier loads. However, you do not want to pay to hire a vehicle that is much bigger than you really need for your container transport in Perth so be sure to calculate the total weight before you make a booking. If you are not sure about the weight, please call and consult a member of our team.

We are happy to accept single container jobs as well as long-term contracts involving multiple containers on a regular basis so whatever your needs may be, please do not hesitate to call and request a firm quotation today. For any type of sea container transport in Perth, you will find us to be competitive, reliable, and flexible. If you have any other transportation requirements in Western Australia, please check our other service pages for details of what we can do for you.