About Us

Gecko Logistics Group roots go back to 1978, when we were known as Zenith Tilt Trays and Low Loaders. Owner Adam Innes, joined as Director in 2004, bringing a wealth of experience and resources in the waste management and transport industry. The fleet quickly grew to nine (9) Low Loaders and seven (7) Tilt Trays.

Excellent, reliable service and the continued support of our successful clients brought about the necessary expansion of our business. The introduction of HIABS (crane trucks), Multi Trailer Configurations, Drop Deck Trailers and Side Loaders to the fleet necessitated a change of name to reflect our adaptable approach and commitment to providing a complete, comprehensive solution for any transport requirement.

With twenty three (23)  vehicles, which include Side Loaders, Tilt Semi’s, Tilt Trays, Low Loaders and HIAB trucks, Gecko Logistics Group can proudly say that they are one of the few transport companies within WA that offer all modes of transport methods, allowing us to meet customer requirements and sensitive time frames, and ensuring that they are able to cater for the increased need for availability.

Today, the newly re-branded Gecko Logistics Group is respectfully recognised throughout the industry by forwarders, manufacturers and shippers and renowned for being a lead transporter of choice. This was accomplished by drawing on the vast experience and resources of their experienced fleet controllers/transport co-coordinators, drivers and office staff, continually growing and adapting their modern, fully equipped fleet of transport vehicles.

We are committed to the safety of our staff and our customers, ensuring our Duty of Care requirements for the Occupational Safety and Health Act 1984 and the Occupational Safety and Health Regulations 1996 are met. Safe Work Procedures training and Fatigue Management courses are completed and put into practice daily.

Our safety program is conscientiously implemented in all areas of the business, including regular vehicle and equipment inspections as well ongoing maintenance, which is carried out by qualified third party technicians. All Gecko Logistics Group drivers have the relevant qualifications (HR, HC, MC, licenses, white card, EWP etc…) and undergo screening and refresher training sessions on a regular basis.

With the ever increasing standards of the demanding transport industry, Gecko Logistics Group will continue to evolve and grow by creating and maintaining long standing relationships will all our clients.